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Final Fantasy 16 Battle System and Story Focus Mode Detailed

Final Fantasy 16 finally has a release date and while we are still a good six months away from seeing the game for ourselves, Square Enix has detailed some of the exciting aspects we can look forward to when it doe arrive. On the updated Japanese Final Fantasy 16 website, the game’s combat system has been explained in detail revealing a Story Focus mode and Action Focus mode. There’s also information regarding the ability enchantments and RPG mechanics.

Story and Action Focus Modes

First off, game director Hiroshi Takai revealed that Final Fantasy 16 is an RPG action game but at the same time, players who aren’t good at action games will have the ability to choose between a Story Focus mode and Action Focus mode. The Story Focus mode, as the name suggests, will make the game much easier for players giving them the opportunity to experience the story without the challenge of difficult combat.

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The Story Focus mode features less intensive combat encounters. Players can also actively summon beasts without much effort and even automatically avoid enemy attacks. Square Enix says this mode gives players the opportunity to experience the exhilarating story on offer in Final Fantasy 16 without the challenge.

Action Focus, on the other hand, is all manual. Players will have to perform all actions themselves and fight by controlling Clive and the summoned beasts. Action Focus and Story Focus can be switched around at any time.

Summoned Beast Features

A big focus in Final Fantasy 16 is the summoning aspect. In the story, there are characters called Dominants who are able to summon beasts and clash with other Dominants. These clashes result in large-scale battles between powerful creatures. The main playable character named Clive is also able to use a “Summoned Beast Action” where he can call on the power of the summoned beast within himself.

The combination of Clive’s attacks and the ability to summon beasts and use their abilities delivers the high-speed battles players can look forward to in the game.

Ability Enhancements 

Various factors of Clive’s equipment can be enhanced throughout Final Fantasy 16. This includes upgrading the summoned beast’s abilities and even Clive’s weapons. Players can craft Clive into the fighting style they want by focusing specifically on certain actions. However, they can also opt-in for the game to help them choose what to upgrade and strengthen a little bit of everything all at once.

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Final Fantasy 16 Party System

Clive is not alone in Final Fantasy 16. He has a buddy by his side in the form of wolf Torgaru. This wolf provides reliable support for Clive by attacking enemies and even recovering Clive’s health. You can also manually choose what actions Torgaru performs in combat giving the combat experience a more tactical approach.

Apart from the wolf, Clive is also joined by various companions throughout the game. These companions will come and go as the story progresses and offer unique combat opportunities to take on. However, unlike Torgaru, these companions cannot be controlled. Rather, they all come with a pre-set skill choice and fight alongside Clive with an auto AI feature.

Final Fantasy 16 Final Fantasy XVI

There’s definitely a lot more to unwrap with it comes to the combat system in Final Fantasy 16. We’ll hear more about it as we lead up to the game’s 23 June release date. Check out the latest trailer for the game below:

Source: FF Japan

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