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Final Fantasy XVI Collector’s Edition is Being Scalped on eBay

Final Fantasy XVI is fast approaching its June release date and some fans are quickly scrambling to purchase the various editions of the game including the coveted Collector’s edition. While this edition can only be purchased and pre-ordered through Square Enix’s store at the time of writing, it seems like scalpers are now drawing people to eBay with promises of getting their hands on the Collector’s edition for much more than it actually costs.

As reported by TheGamer, the eBay listings are mainly coming from countries with very high shipping costs for buyers. The cheapest listing for the Final Fantasy XVI Collector’s edition on the site starts at $550 and already has some prospective buyers watching the item. In comparison, the actual cost of the edition is $349 so that’s $200 more than what you would pay for it if you had to buy it from Square Enix. That said, shipping costs could also play a huge factor for buyers depending on the country.

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More absurdly, some Collector’s editions are even being listed for $1000. That said, the game isn’t even out yet and the Collector’s edition is only expected to arrive in June alongside the game, so buyers are essentially taking a gamble in trusting that scalpers have actually secured a pre-order for the edition. It’s possible that some might be scammers looking to make a quick buck so be cautious if you are planning on buying these items on eBay.

Since most Collector’s editions of games are produced in limited quantities, scalpers are always on the prowl. We’ve seen this fiasco explode during the early days of the PS5’s launch and it has existed for numerous other games’ pricier editions as well. With the availability of the Final Fantasy XVI Collector’s edition currently being limited to Square Enix’s store – some countries still have to pay exorbitant prices for shipping – it’s no wonder that scalpers are seeing ripe opportunities here.

Final Fantasy XVI launches on 22 June 2023 exclusively for PS5.

Source: TheGamer

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