Godzilla Minus One Digital Release 3 May Japan

Godzilla Minus One Gets Digital Release in May But Only in Japan

After months of waiting, the critically acclaimed Godzilla Minus One is finally getting a digital release on 3 May 2024, though it seems to be limited to Japan only. The movie will be heading to Amazon Prime Video streaming service in the country. Unfortunately, release dates for the US and UK have yet to be mentioned.

Godzilla Minus One launched last year to some of the highest reviews of 2023. It also took home the Oscar for Best Visual Effects, marking the first Godzilla movie to ever win an Academy Award. It was released for a limited time in South Africa last December, so consider yourself lucky if you managed to watch it in theatres.

As revealed by Digital Spy, Japan will receive a digital release of Godzilla Minus One on 3 May via the Prime Video streaming service. A physical release is also planned to arrive in Japan on 1 May which includes a four-disc set that comes with the 4K Ultra HD version, two Blu-ray discs for the movie in both colour and black and white, and another Blu-ray disc packed with bonus features. This physical version isn’t available worldwide, as far as we know.

Godzilla Minus One is set shortly after World War II. A Kamikaze pilot who fled from duty is shamed upon returning to his home town which has been ravaged by war, leaving the population to rebuild. Things get a bit complicated when Godzilla, a behemoth radioactive monster shows up to terrorise Japan. The pilot joins forces with scientists to put a stop to the rampaging Godzilla before it can cause further devastation.

We’ll provide an update as soon as we get confirmation of a global digital release for Godzilla Minus One.

Source: Digital Spy

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