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Halo Infinite Spawned Craig The Brute Memes and The Internet Loves Him

Last week Microsoft showcased its highly anticipated Halo Infinite gameplay running on the “world’s most powerful gaming console”. Needless to say, the game looked like Minecraft running on a PS2 and the internet lost their minds. To be frank, this was one, if not the only big announcement from the event so the reaction from fans was expected. However, as the dust settles on the reveal, one true soldier is still standing and that is Craig the Brute. I am sure you have seen the memes around. You know, that flat-face Shrek looking guy. Well, he has become an internet hero and one good thing that’s come out of 2020.

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Craig is a giant 7-foot alien who’s facial expressions were probably put on the back burner before the Halo Infinite announcement last week. During the so-called “epic announcement” Craig was spotted briefly after appearing out of a drop pod. I rewatched the trailer. I had no idea the alien that comes sprinting out of the pod was Craig. He looks as if he’s going to rip someone’s head off at first. However, up close, he’s just well… emotionless.

Craig has since become the face of Halo Infinite. The grey brute is being used by PlayStation fans to poke fun at Microsoft’s console. Not to mention the hilarious memes coming out of Reddit and Twitter.

In one way it is great marketing for the game. Craig the Brute has everyone talking including the Halo Infinite developers. So much so that even Brian Jarrard from 343 Industries is asking for people to send him Craig the Brute memes. Craig will no doubt be worked into the game thanks to his newfound stardom.

Here’s a great video compilation of all the Craig the Brute memes around the internet

While all this makes for a great joke, it does spell disaster for the upcoming game. 343 Industries claims the gameplay trailer was running on an “old build” which is a common excuse nowadays. The Xbox Games Showcase was one of the most important moments for Microsoft. Surely 343 Industries knew that using a newer build was important? They claim the game will be updated with RTX after launch but right now all these excuses sound rather concerning.

Halo Infinite plans on launching later this year so let’s hope things change. In the meantime, watch the trailer down below and look out for Craig the Brute at 4:03.

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