A very short video showing off direct Elden Ring gameplay has somehow leaked online. The gameplay footage isn’t recorded on a potato either. Instead, this clip is direct-feed which means someone out there who is currently testing out the game decided to break their NDA and record the gameplay. Keep in mind that people are still very hungry for Elden Ring gameplay so this clip is now everywhere. In addition, the gameplay shows off a new jump feature and the internet can’t get enough of it.

In the leaked Elden Ring gameplay video, the player is seen standing at the top of a cliff. The camera rotates and we can see a handful of iconic locations from the reveal trailer. There is the giant glowing tree and a castle fort hidden between the walls of a mountain. We also see a few tall pillars which have been a centre point for the footage. However, the biggest new thing to see is the jump. Yes, in Elden Ring you can jump at will.

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Jumping in a Souls game is nothing majorly new but it isn’t something the game has necessarily pushed in the past. In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the player was able to jump at any time as the game’s faster movement relied on this freedom. In past Souls games such as Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls, there was no dedicated jump button. Instead, players would have to sprint and press the roll button to trigger a leap. You could not jump in a spot or use the jump button without a run-up.

Elden Ring is changing this up. Now, players can jump at any time. They can jump in one spot, walk and jump and sprint and jump. Given the game’s new open-world setting and emphasis on exploration, this new jump mechanic makes sense. In the leaked video, we see the player jumping up on rocks and using the leap to get to a higher spot. Without a dedicated jump button, I guess Elden Ring would be a lot harder to master.

Check out the leaked video down below. The YouTuber also edited this clip to show off some of the elements you might miss in the video. This includes an enemy on horseback walking in the distance. Elden Ring is set to launch on 21 January 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox and PC.

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