Mass Effect Remastered N7 Trilogy Pre-Orders Spotted Online
"UK gamers have been able to pre-order the game."

A few days ago we reported on a possible Mass Effect Remastered N7 Trilogy release date leak. Someone posted a release calendar which seemed to stem from a retailer. The game was listed for a 29 September 2020 release date alongside other upcoming games. However, video game retailer GAME UK reportedly began taking pre-orders for the Mass Effect Remastered N7 trilogy over the past few days. Users were able to go into the retail store and put down a deposit. According to multiple Reddit users who posted their receipts online, GAME UK knew nothing about the title but it was on their system available for pre-order.

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According to one user, the slip printed out “DEP” (deposit) “PS4 N7” (for the N7 collection). The Mass Effect Remastered N7 Trilogy is also listed at £59,99. Another user claims to have walked into a store and was able to pre-order the game too. In addition, the previously-leaked 29 September release date was exactly the same.

Mass Effect Remastered N7 Trilogy Pre-Order Release Date

Naturally, as a UK resident, with a GAME nearby, I thought I’d see if there was any validity.

Much to my surprise, after asking at the desk, and the attendant checking a store list on a tablet (seemingly identical to the one leaked) I was able to pre-order the game.

The user placed down a £5 deposit to secure his copy of the game. The remainder of which would be payable on launch day.

Another user made his Mass Effect Remastered N7 Trilogy pre-order through the app in which the release date stated 29 September 2020.

Mass Effect Remastered N7 Trilogy Pre-Order Release Date

This new set of proof adds to the previous release date which I covered just a few days ago. Furthermore, it further proves the game’s existence. The big question now is what treatment is the collection going to receive? According to a previous leak earlier this year, the Mass Effect Remastered N7 Trilogy will include all three games and all DLC and updates released to date. In addition, all three games will have a handful of new gameplay elements and revamped visuals. However, the first game is said to receive the most attention with a close-to-remake list of changes.

Keep in mind that this could all be once major coincidence. First, the gameplay details leak, then a release date and now users are able to pre-order it. It sounds like the game is pretty real right now. The question is when are we going to see it announced? With that being said, take this all with a pinch of salt until EA Games makes the full announcement.

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