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Batman: Arkham Shadow Announced as Meta Quest 3 VR Exclusive

A new Batman Arkham game has been announced but before any anyone celebrates, it’s a VR game. Warner Bros. Games has officially announced Batman: Arkham Shadow, a Meta Quest 3 VR exclusive that takes place within the universe of Rocksteady’s Arkham games, though it isn’t developed by Rocksteady.

Batman: Arkham Shadow is set to launch on Meta Quest 3 in late 2024, though not many details are currently known about the VR project. It’s being developed by Camouflaj, the same studio behind the Iron Man VR game. Warner Bros. Games didn’t have many details to share right now, though fans can tune into Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest showcase on 7 June to learn more about the title and see some gameplay.

The official blurb for Batman: Arkham Shadow reads:

“Evil stalks the streets. Gotham City is in danger. And you’re the only one who can save it. Tune into Summer Game Fest 2024 on June 7 at 2:00pm PT for the official reveal of Batman: Arkham Shadow, a new Meta Quest 3 exclusive from Camouflaj and Oculus Studios, in partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC. Prepare to enter Gotham for a new story set in the Batman: Arkham franchise on Meta Quest 3 in late 2024.”

As you might expect, fans weren’t happy to discover that, after nearly a decade of waiting, we got a new Batman Arkham game that isn’t a traditional game but rather a VR project. This isn’t counting Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, which is also technically set within the Arkham universe but isn’t a traditional Batman game (spoiler: you have to kill Batman).

Since the passing of regular Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy, it remains to be seen who will voice Batman in the upcoming Arkham Shadow VR game. We’ll find out more details at Summer Game Fest soon.

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