MSI 14th Gen Launch Event MSI Claw AI Computing
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MSI 14th Gen Launch Event – The AI Era of Computing

MSI has unveiled its newest 14th Generation notebooks for gaming and productivity and an exciting new addition at an intimate VIP event. The 14th gen lineup included the powerful flagship Titan 18 HX gaming laptop, MSI’s E16 and E13 series as well as the upcoming MSI Claw handheld device.

I really enjoy going to launch events for new products. Not only do you get to get your hands on the latest tech that the company is announcing, but you also get to experience the joy and excitement of a team that has been waiting to be able to tell you all about the new features it is unveiling. Thursday was absolutely no exception, as the MSI team was all smiles as they showed us the new features and first of its kind AI integration technology in their new 14th generation of notebooks (and their new handheld gaming device).

MSI 14th Gen Launch Event MSI Claw AI Computing

The new features that stood out to us:

  • 18” UHD MiniLED 4K display on the flagship Titan 18 HX (along with its completely flush, RGB lit trackpad and Steel Series mechanical keyboard).
  • MSI AI Engine – an AI intelligence centre that detects what your user scenario is and automatically adjusts your hardware settings to achieve the best performance.
  • AI Artist – A program that lets you generate images from prompts directly on your laptop.
  • Intel’s Integrated NPU (Neural Processing Unit) – Unlike traditional CPUs and GPUs, NPUs are optimised for handling complex mathematical computations integral to artificial neural networks.
  • The new Summit E16 and E13 series which can convert (flip) into a tablet for those professionals who need the flexibility to create, draw, brainstorm and refine their work. 

MSI 14th Gen Launch Event MSI Claw AI Computing

Of course, the MSI Claw was centre of attention. The first handheld gaming device to come from MSI, the Claw certainly is pretty and surprisingly light for its 7” display. MSI boasts that the Claw is the only handheld to offer the widest game library – offering games across both Windows titles (Steam, Epic, Game Pass, etc.) and Android mobile games. We will be bringing you a feature of our hands-on with the MSI Claw soon, so keep your eyes open for it!

MSI 14th Gen Launch Event MSI Claw AI Computing

After the launch event and lunch outside on the terrace, we were treated to a mini golf competition. Competitive spirit was high while everyone tried to get the most putts into the hole, showing that you can take the gamer away from their set up, but you will never take away their need to beat the game.

MSI 14th Gen Launch Event MSI Claw AI Computing

Visit the official MSI website for more information.

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