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Netflix Wants to Add Grand Theft Auto to its Game Lineup

Netflix, the home entertainment and streaming giant isn’t a stranger to video games. The company rolled out gaming on its platform back in 2021 which allowed users to download certain games through the Netflix app and play them on their mobile devices. The company is also working on streaming these games to your TV and desktop – a feature currently being tested in select regions.

According to a new report, Netflix wants to further invest in gaming even more. We know that the company is working on select games tied to its first-party TV shows and movies. For example, Netflix wants every new mainstream show or new season to have a game available alongside its debut.

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This means Netflix is working on a Squid Game app, a game for Stranger Things and even for its popular Wednesday show. However, the report claims that Netflix is looking to license third-party games too. The company is looking at the giant publishers to do so. The first one is Take-Two Interactive as the streaming platform aims to get Grand Theft Auto licensed for its platform.

At the moment it isn’t clear how this would work but Netflix would likely get Grand Theft Auto games listed on its platform alongside the rest of the current app downloads.

We don’t know if Netflix will get Take-Two Interactive to develop a special version of Grand Theft Auto for the platform. We also don’t know if the game lineup will include the current mobile versions of GTA: San Andreas and other readily available games. But Netflix is reportedly looking to inject its game lineup with some blockbuster titles.

If anything, Netflix hasn’t really had any major games on its platform. There’s nothing available worth subscribing to the service in order to play. However, as a value-added service, the games are great for those looking for a little something to do. Whether or not Grand Theft Auto will force customers to sign up for Netflix is still unclear.

Source; WSJ

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