Love Live Game Launch Date Cancelled Same Post

New Love Live Game Gets Launch Date and Cancellation in The Same Post

In one of the most bizarre moves a gaming company has ever pulled off, a game’s launch date has been both announced and cancelled in the same social media post. The game in question is Love Live School Idol Festival 2 Miracle Live, which revealed on Twitter/X that the global version of the game will launch in February 2024. The game’s servers will also close on 31 May 2024 – an announcement that was made in one post.

Publisher Bushiroad and developer KLab Games took to Twitter/X to excitedly announce the global release of Love Live School Idol Festival 2 Miracle Live, a mobile rhythm-action game punctuated by its unique anime art style. The good news is that it will be getting a global release next month but in the same breath, you’ll only have three months to play it before the servers, along with all in-app purchases, are closed forever.

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The comments under the post tell you exactly why this is so strange. “Never have I seen someone announce a launch and closing in the same tweet,” said one comment. Plenty of comments also ask why would they even launch it if it’s going to be dead in the next three months.

Normally, companies would wait a while before informing players that the game’s servers and in-app purchases would be shut down, at least until after the game’s launch. This is particularly frustrating for fans who have been eagerly awaiting the game’s global release as it was previously only playable in Japan. On that note, the game’s Japanese servers will be closing on 31 March, so global players will at least have a few more months with the game.

Source: Twitter/X

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