Nintendo Switch 2 Revealed March

Nintendo Switch 2 Will Reportedly Be Revealed in March

We’ve heard enough rumours at this point to suggest that Nintendo is planning a big reveal soon for the Nintendo Switch 2 or whatever its next-gen console will be called. Two prominent leakers have now come forward to state that the console will officially be revealed in March this year, meaning it will likely release by late 2024.

The leak originates from Nate The Hate, who has been pretty spot-on with previous leaks. “Nintendo will announce the Switch 2 in March,” said Nate in a recent podcast. “Everything I’m hearing dating back to Gamescom last year has indicated something was happening in March. That talk has resurfaced in the past few weeks, and it is indicating that the Switch 2 is set for a reveal or an announcement in March.”

Nate’s report was then corroborated by NecroFelipe from Universo Nintendo, who also has a decent track record of accurate Nintendo leaks and Direct information. “I can corroborate independently on Nate’s claim of March as a reveal month for Switch 2,” he said on Famiboards.

Nintendo recently announced that the Switch sold 139 million units since launching in 2017, making it the third best-selling console of all time behind the Nintendo DS (154 million) and PS2 (155 million). Bloomberg claims that Nintendo plans to ship at least 10 million Switch 2 units during the console’s launch window this year, which is a bold sales estimate but one that I’m sure Nintendo will have no difficulty hitting considering the console’s popularity.

As for other reports and rumours about Nintendo’s next console, a GDC survey recently revealed that at least 8% of developers worldwide are currently working on the Switch 2. Analysts also predict that the next console will likely be an “iteration” of the original Switch, meaning it won’t be too drastically different in design to the current hardware.

As with all rumours and reports, take this with a pinch of salt for now until we get confirmation from Nintendo.

Source: Nate The Hate

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