PlayStation Plus Game Trials to be Developed by Sony Themselves

"A PS+ Premium incentive"

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PlayStation Plus Game Trials to be Developed by Sony Themselves

A few days back we heard that Sony would require developers to make game demos for the upcoming PlayStation Plus service. The previous report claimed that games that cost more than $34 on the PlayStation Plus premium service would have to include a trial version that lasted more than two hours. This would allow gamers the opportunity to download and install these trials and test out new releases if they are subscribed to Sony’s new PlayStation Plus service.

A new report now says that while the game trials are in fact true, Sony isn’t imposing a mandatory demo on developers. Instead, Sony will help create these game demos themselves and it won’t be the developer’s responsibility to create them.

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The news comes from Ethan Gach on Twitter who says the PlayStation Store team will be responsible for creating the demos on the platform. This means there won’t be any extra work required by the game developer. If the game costs more than $34, then Sony’s in-house team will create a 2-hour trial for the game and list it on the new PlayStation Plus service. However, there is still some concern surrounding the rollout of this incentive.

Sony is locking these game trials behind a paywall (the PlayStation Plus service) which means there is revenue to these incentives. Gamers are now concerned that Sony won’t share any of this with developers that have trials on the platform. Many argue that gamers will most likely buy the game after the 2-hour trial ends (if they like it). It is also a way for gamers to test these games out which offers a nice experience too.

We don’t know how this service plans on rolling out these game trials yet. Sony has also kept a tight lip when it comes to the game library. The only thing we know is the launch date and pricing.

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