PlayStation Reportedly Refunding Stellar Blade Amid False Advertising Claims

Sony is issuing refunds for gamers on PS5 who have complained that Stellar Blade has been falsely advertised. The game, which launched on Friday last week has come under fire after users discovered that Shift Up heavily censored various content compared to the game’s trailers and demo. All this Stellar Blade censoring has led certain buyers to request refunds on their PS5 and Sony is actually accepting them.

Over the weekend, the more gamers dived into Stellar Blade, the more they spotted how different things were. Apart from a few skimpy outfits being censored here and there, Stellar Blade has also had its gore censored. So much so that enemies no longer spray blood on Eve when cut and killed.

One user took it so far as to create a petition called #FreeStellarBlade to try and get Sony and Shift Up to patch the content back to its original state. Of course, this may or may not be a troll but it caused some intense debate on social media.

On Reddit, users who are upset regarding the matter issued refunds for their games. They claim that Sony approved them. Many of them have decided to refund the game as a slap-back to Sony while others are hoping to use that money to purchase the disc version. This version is uncensored if you don’t apply the day-one update.

One user says the situation isn’t about the censorship. It is about the false advertising. Sony marketed a specific game, even announced it would “not” be censored in any region, and then censored it. Another user says Stellar Blade is an “M” rated game and there should be no reason why it was censored. Many users claim they will just wait for the inevitable PC launch and mod the game to its original state.

Keep in mind that Sony doesn’t usually approve refunds. Out of all the gaming brands, they have the strictest refund policies. However, considering the brand intentionally advertised one game version and released a slightly “different” version, these approvals make sense.

Source: Reddit

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