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Silent Hill 2 Remake Studio is ‘Very Confident’ in Final Product

The upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake from The Medium developer Bloober Team is reportedly set to release on PS5 and PC later this year – a remake of the classic psychological horror from Team Silent and Konami. However, the remake’s reveal wasn’t met with a very positive reception after fans were displeased with the character models and more on-the-nose storytelling that deviates from the subtle narrative of the original. Bloober Team now says it’s “very confident” about the final result.

As part of Bloober Team’s annual report, the studio said that it’s “very confident about the final result” in the Silent Hill 2 remake. Since the reveal trailer, fans have been divided on some aspects of the remake such as protagonist James Sunderland’s redesign. Bloober Team released the first gameplay trailer in February 2024 which did little to quell the backlash as it placed a heavy emphasis on Resident Evil-esque action – something that didn’t tonally match the original game’s approach to psychological horror.

A PlayStation ad from earlier this year mentioned that both the Silent Hill 2 remake and Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater will launch sometime in 2024, adding more fuel to the fire that PlayStation is gearing up to announce a release date at a potential showcase rumoured to be taking place sometime in May.

Sony is looking at a stacked lineup for late 2024 if that turns out to be true. Potentially joining the anticipated Konami remakes might be Lost Soul Aside, the upcoming action RPG from UltiZero Games which recently got approved to launch in mainland China, suggesting a release date could be announced soon. With the exception of Metal Gear Solid Delta, the Silent Hill 2 remake and Lost Soul Aside will be exclusive to PS5 (Silent Hill 2 will also hit PC though).

Silent Hill 2 is currently in development for PS5 and PC.

Source: pl_evil (via Video Games Chronicle)

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