Palworld and Pokemon Clones
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Pokemon and Their Counterparts in Palworld

There’s no doubt that Palworld has been inspired by Pokemon. Say what you want but certain Pals in the game look oddly familiar to monsters we have caught and fought with in the Pokemon series. If you still need more proof, we have you covered.

As an avid Pokemon fan, it is quite easy to link a Pal to a Pokemon. Not only do these monsters contain certain design “elements” from one another but some are so closely designed that you would swear they are each other’s megaevolutions to some degree.

This post isn’t intended to slander Palworld by any means. Art inspires art and it is likely a difficult challenge to create “an electric monster” without making it “yellow with black stripes”. The Pokemon series has also been criticized for pulling design inspiration from Dragon Quest to some degree.

Digimon, on the other hand, has tried to remain as whack as possible – I mean in no other Mon series do you find a singing ape creature wearing sunglasses that has evolved from a pile of poop (looking at your Sukamon and Etemon).

Whether Pocketpair intended these Pals to look the same is still unclear. We’ll have to be the judge of that.

Lamball – Wooloo

This is one of the more obvious designs on this list. Both feature little horns and brown skin. Both are also balls. You know, sheep aren’t round. Even with a full coat, they aren’t. Then again, how would you call it Lamball without it being a ball?

Lamball - Wooloo

Fenglope – Cobalion

While the design of both of these creatures is quite similar, it is the colour palette that gives it away. Not to mention the flowing mane which is obviously much more extravagant on Fenglope.

Fenglope - Cobalion

Celaray – Mantine

I can’t blame Pocketpair here. How do you create a manatee without it looking like a manatee? However, it could have been done without the similar-looking antenna.

Fenglope - Cobalion

Astegon – Mega Aggron

This is a hard one to pass up. Both of these creatures feature a rock-hard armour design. However, it is the face that gives it away for me. The encased structure and even the jaw and teeth are almost identical. If anything, Astegon looks like an evolved form of Mega Aggron.

Astegon - Mega Aggron

Orserk – Toxtricity

While these two might be different colours (the amped-up version of Toxtricity is yellow), there’s clearly a personality trait across the two. Both of which feature this nonchalant style. Add that to the electricity stemming from their backs and we have ourselves a clear inspiration.

Orserk - Toxtricity

Jetragon – Latios/Latias

In my opinion, Jetragon is more a mix of Latias and Salamence. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a copy of the legendary flying duo Latias and Latios. Looks a bit cooler if I say so myself.

Jetragon - Latios/Latias

Bristla – Bellossom

The typical “green plant creature with plants as hair” has definitely been done over and over again. The Pokemon Company has abused this theme across many designs so I can’t blame Palworld for sticking to the norm.

Bristla - Bellossom

Boltmane – Luxray

Apart from Wooloo, Boltmane and Luxray’s similarities are frightening. These two look like the male and female versions of the same Pokemon.

Boltmane - Luxray

Grizzbolt – Electabuzz

When I mentioned taking “an electric monster” without making it “yellow with black stripes” this is what I meant. Grizzbolt looks like the evolved after Electabuzz before it became Electivire.

Grizzbolt - Electabuzz

Jolthog – Shaymin

This one can be forgiven. An adorable hedgehog is always going to be an adorable hedgehog no matter how put it.

Jolthog - Shaymin

Robinquill – Decidueye

It is hard to ignore how similar Robinquill is to Decidueye. The fact that both monsters are also bow and arrow welders is also a dead giveaway. The hooded green face… I mean come on now.

Robinquill - Decidueye

Anubis – Lucario

I don’t know if Lucario was inspired by Anubis when The Pokemon Company started working on the monster but the whole “ancient dog” theme is hard to put to bed when you realise how close these two designs are.

Anubis - Lucario

Dragostrophe – Zoroark

What about a furry feral dragon with red hair? You can’t deny that Zoroak’s darker shades of fur mixed with the red hair didn’t have some input in the design behind Dragostophe.

Dragostrophe - Zoroark

Verdash – Cinderace

Another obvious here is Verdash. While it may be a plant creature, its “fitness” design is a dead giveaway. The ears, the sock-like legs design and even the arms… Verdash looks like the plant version of Cinderace… Pollenrace maybe?

Verdash - Cinderace

Lovander – Salazzle

Want a lizard that screams “sex appeal” Pokemon and Palworld have them both. Lovander, which is clearly named after the Salazzel’e sizzling sex appeal takes its name way too literally. Well, so does Salazzle, to be honest.

Lovander - Salazzle

Dinossom – Meganium

Dinossom is again, a mega evolution scenario here. Meganium’s flow has grown even bigger around its neck to the point where it wears it on its head. It also stands upright now thanks to more…. evolution. Can’t say I hate this idea.

Dinossom - Meganium



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