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PS5 Online Issues Reported After System Update

PS5 owners are reporting online issues following the recent PS5 system update that was introduced yesterday, preventing them from accessing online functionality in titles such as Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty Vanguard, and Elden Ring.

PS5 owners began reporting the issue, wherein in the case of Elden Ring, players are met with a message stating that it “could not verify PlayStation Plus subscription”. It was initially thought to be Elden Ring itself, as the servers were due to undergo maintenance at the same time.

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However, that wouldn’t explain the specific error message relating to a “could not verify PlayStation Plus subscription”, as typically an error message would pop up to stating that “the servers could not be established” or something to that effect. Also, PlayStation Plus is needed to play online using the console, so it seemed to point more specifically at an end-user problem on the PS5 system.

It was when players began to receive online connection issues across multiple online titles that bolstered the idea that it was, in fact, a system error with the PS5. Multiple players reported the same error, that after they updated their system software with the most recent update – required anyway to access online features – it seems that their already-active PlayStation Plus subscriptions were not being recognised, telling players to purchase a PlayStation Plus subscription. 

Sony has yet to comment on the issue, or mention when an expected fix will come. The issue is that you cannot access online features without the system update, but the system update seems to prohibit online functionality anyway. 

Maybe we are just being told to go outside and get some sunlight? I hope not – that stuff hurts. 

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