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PS5 Payday 3 Players Threaten Refunds After Early Access Launch Stumbles

Payday 3 launched into its early access release period yesterday and the game isn’t holding up so well. It seems the developers at Starbreeze Entertainment weren’t prepared for the mass influx of players logging into the game. Within 15 minutes of launch, at approximately 15:15, the Payday 3 servers completely tanked crashing all platforms and even the official website.

While some players have had luck logging into Payday 3 and playing a few matches, PS5 owners haven’t been so lucky. As of the time of writing, the PS5 version of Payday 3 is completely unplayable with no fix in sight. Players report that all matchmaking ends up with an error message. Be this single-player or while trying to host an online game.

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Keep in mind that in order to play Payday 3 before its actual launch later this week, you need to spend extra money on the more expensive game versions. Only the Silver Edition and Gold Edition offer early access for three days. They cost R1339 and a staggering R1719 respectively. The Gold Edition is R1000 more than the standard base game version.

To make matters worse, the studio behind the game has been silent regarding the issue. The last tweet from the team was at 22:00 last night and there hasn’t been an update regarding the PS5 issues since.

According to one bit of information, the PS5 game version is different from the server version. As a result, the game won’t connect to the Payday 3 servers due to the mismatched game versions. Again, there’s no clear resolution in sight nor an ETA as to when this will be fixed.

PS5 players have reported that the game version they are playing is also missing quite a number of features and content. Players claim that the version is a “beta” client instead of the full game. This is likely why the servers aren’t connecting. In order for this to be rectified, Starbreeze needs to get the latest game version to Sony in order to update the client to the launch version.

At the moment there’s no clear sign as to when this will happen. Xbox and PC players seem to be enjoying the game and the servers are holding up for now. However, if you’re a PS5 owner maybe hold off on purchasing this ridiculously expensive game for a bit until these issues are resolved.

Source: Reddit

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  • Anonymous 19 September 2023

    By the time you released this article, sony already published a patch. The Game is working since this morning around 9:00.

  • Anonymous 23 September 2023

    And it crashed again tonight

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