Rise of the Ronin PS5 Exclusive Team Ninja Details Leak Q1 2024 Release

Rise of the Ronin Launches Q1 2024, New Details Leaked – Report

Rise of the Ronin, the upcoming samurai action-RPG from Nioh developer Team Ninja, will reportedly release in Q1 2024, according to a new leak. The game was first announced last year as a PS5 exclusive, accompanied by a cinematic reveal trailer though details have been scarce regarding the mysterious project. The new leak seems to shed some light on the game, including new details such as gameplay inspirations, romance options and more.

The leak originates from reliable leaker The Snitch who has a great track record of accurate leaks and information dumps. According to The Snitch, Team Ninja is aiming to release Rise of the Ronin in the first quarter of 2024. The gameplay is described as a mix between Assassin’s Creed, Dark Souls and Ghost of Tsushima with skill and technique trees that players can invest in.

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Other details from the leak mention that Rise of the Ronin will have numerous side quests that are similar in nature to Ubisoft’s side quests. Additionally, players will also have difficulty options unlike the developer’s previous games, Nioh and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, which were challenging experiences without any difficulty settings. Team Ninja might also include romance options in the game, though it’s unclear how this will play out yet. Similar to From Software’s games, lore will be fleshed out through item descriptions.

Finally, the leak mentions that Rise of the Ronin will include performance and quality modes, though the team is trying to improve fidelity before launch. We recommend taking all of this with a pinch of salt for now, though if The Snitch is correct, then we can expect news for the anticipated PS5 exclusive to roll out sooner rather than later.

Rise of the Ronin is currently in development exclusively for PS5. Check out the previous announcement trailer below in case you missed it:

Source: The Snitch (via Reddit)

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