Second Extinction Development Shut Down

Second Extinction Development is Being Shut Down

The dinosaur shooter Second Extinction is shutting down its development without the game ever leaving early access. Systemic Reaction recently announced that it will be discontinuing the development of the game “after thoughtful consideration and exploration.” While the game apparently attracted a decently-sized player base during its early access period, it never reached the heights of success expected by the developer.

As reported by Techraptor, Second Extinction will cease its development as a result of underwhelming player numbers. Furthermore, the small development team’s lack of resources made it difficult to hit the quality targets it was initially aiming for, including completely missing its full release date. The investment needed to complete the game was simply too large so Systemic Reaction had to pull the plug.

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Systemic Reaction detailed the game’s cancellation in a statement:

“Unfortunately, it became clear that our small team lacked the resources necessary to hit our quality targets and exit Early Access and Game Preview, and the investment needed to do so was too large for us to bear. After evaluating our options and working during this year to find other potential solutions, this became the reality our team had to face.”

Systemic Reaction added that Second Extinction‘s cancellation would not lead to any major layoffs at the studio. “Although this isn’t the outcome any of us hoped for, we want to assure you that there are no layoffs associated with this decision,” said the company.

The developer’s previous games, Generation Zero and Ravenbound, weren’t particularly well-received at launch. This is the first project from the studio to be outright cancelled during its development cycle. The reception for Second Extinction was not warm either but most players gave it the benefit of the doubt since it only launched in early access.

Source: Techraptor

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