Something is Killing the Children Comic Series

Something is Killing the Children Comic Series Explores Every Child’s Nightmare

Let me start this off by saying Something is Killing the Children comic series is not a comic for children. Not unless you want to scar them for life and have to use your comic money for their therapy.  You’ve been warned. Imagine you’re a child living in a world where all the monsters you’ve ever dreamt up are real. Every story you made up to scare your friends at sleepovers, they are real too.

Now imagine that these monsters are every bit as terrifying and deadly as those stories made them out to be, and they’re just out there in the world hunting you.


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Picture being so scared of the monster breathing over you while you’re in bed but not being able to run to your parents for help because even though these monsters are very real, and probably trying to eat you as we speak, adults can’t see them. This means they cannot help you. That is the basic premise of one of my all-time favourite horror comics, Something is Killing the Children comic series.

Something is Killing the Children Comic Series

From the creative team that is James Tynion IV (The Woods; Department of Truth; Talon) and Werther Dell’Edera (Spiderman: Family Business; G.I. Joe; The Crow: Memento Mori) comes one of the best ongoing horror comics you’ll read.

The children in Archer’s Peak, a small, quiet little town, start to go missing at an alarming rate. Most of these children never seem to be found but the ones that are, are dead. Brutally killed by something.  There are a few lucky ones who manage to survive whatever is out there. However, when they go to tell the adults about their stories of things that go bump in the night and hunt from the shadows, they are dismissed and ignored.

One day a mysterious girl shows up in town, Erica Slaughter, who, like the children can actually see the monsters, so she hunts and kills them.  Will she be able to find and rescue the missing children before they turn up dead? Where does she even come from? More importantly, why is she the only adult who can see the monsters? To answer these questions, you’ll need to read the series.

Something is Killing the Children Comic Series

If I had to choose one genre to read forever (and if I’m being honest, to play), it would be horror. I love being made to feel things. If I can consume a form of entertainment that can make me want to sleep with a light on for the next week and not want to turn my back in the shower, I’m happy.

However, this form of entertainment is next to impossible to come by, yes there are a lot of comics that fall under the “horror” genre but very few that have the power to draw you into the story and reach into your soul to find the monsters that live there and set them free. That is exactly what the Something is Killing the Children comic series managed to do.

Something is Killing the Children Comic Series

Originally planned as a 5 issue mini-series, it was so popular, even before its release that it ended up being picked up as an ongoing series. Since then, it has just continued to be the gift that keeps giving, issue after issue.

The Something is Killing the Children comic series isn’t just a fantastic story it’s also an amazing work of art. With pictures that seem to jump off the page and colours reminiscent of the slasher movies of the 80s. Something is Killing the Children has managed to grab a genre and make it it’s own on every front. I just can’t get enough.

Want to add Something is Killing the Children to your collection? The entire series is available in the following formats: Digital, Single Issues (15 Issues), or as Trade Paperbacks (2 books) with a 3rd arriving June 9th.

Those interested in grabbing this unforgettable thrill-ride of a series can head over to Critters and Comics – You can also get a 20% discount on your next comic book purchase (including variants, TPs, and Hardcovers) over R250 by using the code “glitchedcomic20” at checkout… also, the code can be used more than once… just saying. Critters and Comics currently have the series in stock. Head over to the site to grab it. 


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