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Starfield Modders are Already Preparing Bug Fixes for Launch

Bethesda games have thrived over the decades, partially due to them being great titles but largely thanks to the dedicated modding community. Modders continue to introduce new creations, ideas and fixes for games like Skyrim, Fallout 4 and more to this day. However, ahead of the launch of Starfield, the modding community is already banding together to fix the game’s inevitable bugs and glitches.

A large-scaled community modding project called The Starfield Community Patch (or SCP) is already being prepared ahead of Starfield‘s launch, described as a “collective effort by mod authors and the wider player community of Starfield to fix bugs, errors and other inconsistencies present in the game.” The aim is to ensure that the modders will be able to fix bugs and glitches via a free patch as soon as the game goes live.

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Bethesda previously confirmed that Starfield will allow the use of mods, which has become somewhat of a staple for the company’s games. The SCP is already geared to provide many fixes and updates, similar to the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch. The SCP’s official description reads:

“Fixes included in the patch are intended to correct bugs or errors in the base game. Examples include misplaced objects, script errors, inconsistencies in item properties, faulty missions/quests, game-breaking exploits, missing attributes such as tags, header flags, etc., and spelling errors. The overall goal is to improve the vanilla experience for all players.”

The project will invite players to report bugs as soon as they find them after Starfield‘s release, which will then be addressed by the modding community and added to the list of fixes and patches. Since Starfield is using an updated version of Bethesda’s long-standing Creation Engine, it’s safe to assume that modders are already intimately familiar with its shortcomings that they can even predict where it will fumble.

That said, Starfield was delayed from its original November release date to early 2023, giving Bethesda Game Studios more time to polish the project. Hopefully the creases are smoothened out before release and it lightens the work for modders.

Starfield releases in 2023 for Xbox Series X/S and PC. It’s also coming day one to Xbox Game Pass.

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