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Stellar Blade Leaked PS5 Demo Reveals Various Costumes

Over the weekend, PlayStation accidentally leaked a demo for its upcoming action game, Stellar Blade. Sony quickly pulled the demo from the PlayStation Store after realising it had been uploaded ahead of an official announcement, though some PS5 players still managed to download and play the demo while it was available. Thanks to the demo, we now have a closer look at some of the in-game costumes and outfits that protagonist Eve will be able to wear.

As compiled by Reddit user amans9191, the costumes and outfits that were available in the Stellar Blade demo included the Racer’s High suit, the Planet Diving suit, the Wasteland Adventurer suit and the borderline NSFW Skin suit. Of course, there will be many more suits to unlock in the full game, though the demo does offer a decent variety of cosmetic options for Eve if you want to customise her look.

Have a look at the costumes below:

Stellar Blade Leaked PS5 Demo Costumes

Stellar Blade Leaked PS5 Demo Costumes

Stellar Blade Leaked PS5 Demo Costumes

Stellar Blade Leaked PS5 Demo Costumes 4

As for when the demo will actually be available, that’s anyone’s guess. Some fans believe that Stellar Blade‘s demo will arrive in a couple of weeks or shortly ahead of its April release date. Judging from the early impressions of players who did manage to get their hands on the demo, it seems like there will be a good chunk of the game to play through as you get accustomed to the fast-paced combat, lite RPG mechanics and unique storytelling.

In related news, developer Shift Up detailed the game’s three main graphics modes: performance, resolution and balanced, which will all be available in the final game at launch. Stellar Blade director Hyung-Tae Kim also previously spoke about putting “special attention” into the back of Eve, as that’s what players will be looking at for a vast majority of the game.

Stellar Blade launches on 26 April 2024 exclusively for PS5. Make sure you check out the South African pre-order guide as well as the various editions that you can pre-purchase right now.

Source: Reddit

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