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Supermassive Issues Statement Regarding Switchback VR’s Blurriness

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR was released last week for the new PlayStation VR2 system and while fans were excited to jump into the rail shooter, sadly, the game’s launch hasn’t been well-received. According to gamers, Switchback VR fails to live up to its predecessor in many ways and one of the biggest issues so far is the game’s horrible visuals.

I have personally played The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR and was quite disappointed at the game’s overall visual polish. If anything, the game looks like a downgrade compared to the previous Supermassive VR game, Rush of Blood which was released back in 2016. Considering the PS VR2 is a huge improvement over the first hardware, this is saying a lot.

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Not only are the visuals not as great as some of the most basic PS VR2 games on the market but the entire experience in Switchback VR is blurry. It seems like the game is running at a much lower resolution than it is meant to which results in a low-res, unpolished look. This greatly affects the game’s experience as players don’t feel as immersed in the horror as they should.

Supermassive claims that the studio has identified the issue causing the blurriness in the game and is working on a fix. In addition, the studio says other issues are still being tested in order to discover the best way to tackle them.

Other issues include strange enemy animations and object pop-in which cause assets to render fully only when you’re right up against them. I also encountered quite a lot of general unpolished encounters in the game where objects would go through the kart when moving through them. I don’t think Supermassive can fix these issues though. These are just badly-designed areas.

The statement reads:

Fans of The Dark Pictures,

Since the launch of Switchback VR yesterday, we have seen and heard the feedback that some players are experiencing graphical issues in the game. Switchback VR was developed exclusively for PS VR2, and we want to ensure that all of our players have the best possible experience while playing.

The Switchback VR team have been investigating the issues raised as a matter of urgency. So far, a potential cause of the reported blurring has been identified, with other issues still undergoing testing and reproduction.

To aid them in this process, we have been gathering and carefully reviewing issue reports provided by players in order to give the team as much information to work with as possible. We would greatly appreciate it if additional reports could be submitted via our Zendesk portal, which you can visit by clicking the link below: 


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