No Rest For the Wicked

No Rest For The Wicked Now Available in Early Access – Game Length Currently at 25 Hours

No Rest For The Wicked has launched into early access and it could be one of the most anticipated soulslike games of 2024. The game has been developed by Moon Studios, the same team behind the Ori series.

It takes on soulslike gameplay with a twist. Instead of a third-person camera perspective, the game features an isometric top-down camera giving players greater immersion in the so-called “sphered” world design.

According to Moon Studios, No Rest For The Wicked has been in development for over six years now and uses the studios’ award-winning graphics tech. A big focus in the game is the “curved world” where players will be able to see far into the distance thanks to 3-dimensional objects curving around a sphere design on the outer rim of the screen. This is similar to Animal Crossing.

If you want to see this tech in action, Digital Foundry dives into the stunning world in the video below.

Of course, No Rest For The Wicked is still in early access., The game will evolve over time with new content being added in the months ahead. Moon Studios plans on adding multiplayer to the game first and then future game chapters.

However, as it stands, the early access build of No Rest For The Wicked can last up to 25 hours. The studio says for your first playthrough including The Crucible, the game can last anywhere from 15 – 25 hours.

“Those that further engage with the end game, challenges, bounties and the town meta systems can enjoy the same realm for much longer.  And of course, we hope folks will also start new realms and characters to try different weapons and builds since our soft class system is shipping with 100 weapons with their unique move sets, rune specials system and all of the other character customization allowing for so much variety and different play styles. In the past we’ve been really glad to see how with the short Wicked Inside stretch that we finish it in 30-60 min, the streamers played for a good 5-15 hours and had a lot of fun trying different load-outs and exploring the areas for all of of the secrets!”

No Rest For The Wicked is available on Steam for a special launch price too. 

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