Last week Capcom showcased the upcoming Resident Evil Village in all its glory. In addition to the 7 May 2021 release date, the developer also announced a RE: Verse multiplayer mode and a range of special and collector’s editions users can pre-order. If you missed the news check it out here. What we did not see during the stream was a very special Resident Evil Village Z Version Collector’s Edition that costs $1800 (or R30k give or take with taxes) and comes with a standard Chris Redfield statue and a wearable replica of Chris’ coat.


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Users who are mad enough to spend money on this Resident Evil Village Z Version Collector’s Edition will get a commemorative box, art book, Chris Redfield statue, game map, deluxe edition of the game including the SteelBook, a box of trinkets and the iconic jacket.

This is not the first time Capcom has released a swanky version of their horror game. Resident Evil 6 also came in an expensive version and included Leon Kennedy’s jacket. This version cost $1300 in comparison to Village’s $1800. Leon’s jacket was pretty awesome in comparison to this boring old pea coat with a very little personality. It looks like something I can pick up at Mr Price for R299, to be frank.

Resident Evil Village Z Version Collectors Chris Redfield

Capcom has tried hard to make this Resident Evil Village coat look and sound like something epic on their official site calling it a “buttonless Chester coat Chris Redfield ver”. However, unlike Leon Kennedy’s jacket which was a leather-like material, this is just pretty meh and should not cost anywhere close to that amount. However, there could be something more to the jacket which we just don’t see yet. But hey, who am I to judge? If I were rolling in money, I would totally get it.

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