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Two New Silent Hill Images Have Leaked Reigniting Kojima Theories

Last week, insider Dusk Golem released four images supposedly connected to a new Silent Hill game in development. The leaker didn’t mention the developer, but now, two new additional images have surfaced online reportedly revealing the main character. However, one eagle-eyed user seems to think this is tied to Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions.

Dusk Golem recently posted a Reddit thread revealing two additional images for the leaked Silent Hill game. One of the images reveals the supposed main character. In the replies under this tweet, a user pointed out that this character bears a striking resemblance to an actress that was previously spotted doing motion capture work with none other than Hideo Kojima.

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Before we go any further, it’s worth noting that these Kojima and Silent Hill rumours date back several years. It even birthed the popular Abandoned/Blue Box Game Studios conspiracy theories, which need no introduction if you’re familiar with them already. So we recommend, yet again, taking all of this with a massive grain of salt.

That said, the two additional images don’t give us any more context than we already know (or don’t know) about this supposed Silent Hill game. The actress seen alongside Hideo Kojima does look a lot like the leaked character, though we can’t say anything for certain. Have a look for yourself: Silent Hill Images Leaked Hideo Kojima Productions

Gematsu reported last year that a revival of Silent Hills was in the works at Kojima Productions. This has since been shelved along with the many rumours and reports about a new Silent Hill game, which connects developers like the now-defunct Japan Studio, Bloober Team and more to these theories.

At this rate, any and all leaks surrounding a new Silent Hill game – or according to the most recent leak, multiple Silent Hill games – should be taken lightly until we have confirmation from any parties involved.

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