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Ubisoft Working on New Third-Person Battle Royale Codenamed “Pathfinder”

Ubisoft is reportedly developing yet another free-to-play battle royale game under the codename “Pathfinder“. According to Tom Henderson, the game looks very similar to the failed and soon-to-be-shut-down Hyper Scape but boasts a more cartoonish visual style.

Pathfinder is a battle royale at its core but according to the report, focuses on players making their way to the centre of the map in order to fight the main AI boss before the rest of the players.

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Players will drop into the map and try and find their path towards the centre of the map. Players need to navigate through two walls that include an outer wall and an inner wall. These walls have a series of gates around them that can be breached. However, some gates are shut and some gates are open. These change positions every new match so each encounter is unique.

During the match, players will also fight AI enemies while they navigate the world. As they fight enemies, they will level up and get stronger. AI enemies will also buff up as the game progresses. The closer players get to the middle of the map, the stronger these enemies get. Of course, there are other players on the map too so you will have to fight them off at the same time.

The game also features its own set of unique characters called Heroes. These heroes have their own unique abilities sort of like “classes”. This means mastering each hero will make the game a bit more enjoyable too. Pathfinder also includes a social hub where players can mingle, test weapons, join matches and mess around.

We don’t know how far into development Pathfinder is at the moment. The report claims that many things are still unconfirmed including abilities. By the sound of things, it might be a unique take on the battle royale genre we have been looking for. Whether or not it will succeed is still up to debate.

Ubisoft tried the battle royale genre already with Hyper Scape. It didn’t turn out great. The company is also currently developing a Tom Clancy’s Frontline battle royale too. Seems they won’t give up until they get it right.

Source: Exputer 

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