World’s Tallest Supermodel Creates Resident Evil Village Tall Lady Cosplay

"The best we have seen yet"

Resident Evil Village Lady Dimitrescu Tall Lady Yekaterina Lisina
World’s Tallest Supermodel Creates Resident Evil Village Tall Lady Cosplay

There have been dozens of Resident Evil Village tall lady cosplays in recent weeks but one thing they have all been missing is the height of Lady Dimitrescu. If you don’t know, the sexy tall lady in Resident Evil Village is very tall. According to Capcom, she is around 9.3 feet tall or 2.9 meters. There are even cardboard cutouts in Japanese game stores now to market the game’s launch.

Ideally, if you want to create the perfect Lady Dimitrescu cosplay then you should be the same height, right? Well, thankfully Yekaterina Lisina, the world’s tallest supermodel is pretty tall and her tall lady cosplay is perfection.


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Yekaterina Lisina took to Instagram to show off her magical Resident Evil Village tall lady cosplay and it could be the best we have seen to date. Of course, Yekaterina Lisina has the height on her side. The world’s tallest supermodel is 6.9-feet tall or 2.09 meters. This makes her the tallest Lady Dimitrescu cosplay to date and it gives the overall experience a lot more authenticity.

Yekaterina Lisina also went the extra mile to film and act in her very own Resident Evil Village teaser trailer similar to the one we saw back in March where Lady Dimitriscu is seen on the phone talking to a strange character by the name of Mother Miranda. In the Video, Lisina is seen wearing her iconic white dress while sitting in front of a mirror in a tiny chair. It is the perfect replica of the trailer’s scene.

Lisina then complains that she “is under a great deal of stress”. She says that “countless followers are requesting me this cosplay.”


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The former Olympian-turned-model then posted her shoot on Instagram and TikTok and of course the reaction from fans and followers resulted in all the likes and comments she could dream of. It is a job well done! Resident Evil Village is set to release on 7 May 2021 for PS4, PS5, Xbox and PC.

Image Source: Yekaterina Lisina / Photography by nikolayshlykov

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