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A Petition For Apex Legends African Servers is Growing Fast

Apex Legends is already a massive success and the game continues to grow each day. Developer Respawn managed to deliver such an addictive, solid and fun Battle Royale title. Let’s face it, Apex Legends came out of nowhere and with 25 million players reported earlier this week, I can’t even imagine the heights it will reach. When the game first launched, I shared my experience playing Apex Legends from South Africa and although it was playable and enjoyable, there are no local servers. The game could be a better experience if there were Apex Legends African servers, which is exactly what a petition wants to make happen.

Please note we have no control over local servers and are in no way affiliated with any ISP that can make it possible. This post is simply to raise awareness.

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The petition for Apex Legends African servers is growing fast. Started only a couple of days ago by Ruan Van Vliet, it already has over 4,200 signatures and it is growing by the minute. The petition asks EA and Respawn to make Apex Legends African servers a reality. If you want to go sign it right now, then simply head on over to the petition’s page. The petition specifically asks for African servers, but we all know which country it will likely be hosted in if the petition works. The petition reads:

Currently Africa is the only continent without servers for this amazing title. This is a petition for public servers on the continent, for all platforms.

We love the game, we want to invest in it. We want to experience it the way it was meant to be experienced. Fellow gamers, please find it in your heart to support (y)our cause and make this dream reality.

African servers for Apex Legends definitely isn’t impossible, as we’ve seen them in many other EA games, including the Battlefield franchise. Sometimes petitions go unnoticed or ignored, but I, for one, can’t see the harm in trying and hopefully we will see some local servers for Apex Legends in the future.

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How are you coping with the ping in Apex Legends and have you signed the petition yet? Let us know in the comment section below.

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