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Another Game of Thrones Prequel is in the Works at HBO

After the success of House of the Dragon, HBO is set to further expand the universe of Game of Thrones with another prequel series. This time, it will be focused on Aegon I Targaryen’s rise to power and conquest over Westeros. No writer has been attached to the project yet but sources claim HBO is eager to move ahead with the series and is currently searching for a writer to lead the script.

First reported by Variety, unnamed sources close to HBO claim that the company is preparing to move ahead with a Game of Thrones prequel TV series that will follow Aegon I and his conquest over six of the seven Westeros kingdoms. This part of Westeros’ history is fascinating as it showed Aegon I’s rise to reign over all the lands alongside his sister-wives Visenya and Rhaenys. We’ll certainly see more dragons too as the ruler commanded several during his conquests.

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Variety states that no writers are currently attached to the prequel series but HBO is seeking one. Additionally, there may be plans for a feature movie component before the series, though details are still being discussed internally.

Of all the Game of Thrones-related projects that HBO initially planned, only House of the Dragon moved ahead and has since been renewed for a second season, though it will contain fewer episodes than the first season. The creative team has already outlined plans for a third season should it still continue. Another project that focused on the Long Night starring Naomi Watts only filmed its now abandoned pilot before it was scrapped in 2019.

Despite becoming a cultural phenomenon during the 2010s, Game of Thrones met a divisive ending with its final season that many felt rushed to an anti-climactic and disappointing finale. House of the Dragon mostly redeemed the series, though, as it received high review scores and great audience ratings.

Source: Variety

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