Apple Will Release an iPhone Without Any Ports in 2021
The 2021 iPhone will be the one to watch.
2021 iPhone stolen
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Ming-Chi, a noted accurate and reliable source for Apple leaks and predictions claims the 2021 iPhone will be port free. According to Ming-Chi, Apple will kill off the Lighting port in 2021 and not replace it with a USB Type-C port either. Instead, the 2021 iPhone will rely on an entirely wireless experience for charging and syncing.

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Apple has been using the Lighting port since 2013 when the company switched from the larger 30-pin connector to the smaller and more compact charging and syncing cable. However, rumours have been pointing to Apple adopting USB Type-C into the upcoming iPhone, as they have the iPad Pro for some time now but it seems that will not be the case.

Apple removing all ports from the iPhone makes sense as the devices have become less reliant on cables as many people only plug them in to charge their devices. Those that use wireless charging make use of the feature in its entirely too. However, the move will have a massive impact on the tech industry as companies will have to adopt Apple’s new wireless approach in everything they do.

As for next year’s iPhone lineup, Ming-Chi claims Apple will release five new phones by the end of 2020 including the long-rumoured iPhone SE 2 which will take on the same design as the iPhone 8. Apple is reportedly working on four OLED phones all of which will feature 5G. Two fo which will replace the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max but will feature an upgraded triple-lens camera system. The other two will replace the 11 but will come in two sizes, a 6.1-inch and a 5.4-inch and come with a dual-lens camera system.

It seems that the 2021 iPhone will be the one to watch as next year’s devices will only feature slight upgrades. We are still a while away from seeing these new phones in the flesh but it is good to plan your next upgrade ahead of time.






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