Ark 2 Rumoured for Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase

"Starring family man Vin Diesel"

Ark 2 Vin Diesel Xbox Series XS PC Showcase
Ark 2 Rumoured for Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase

Ark 2 starring Vin Diesel might appear at the upcoming Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase. A recent Reddit thread detailed some coincidental timing with the launch of Ark: Survival Evolved‘s new expansion map, aligning with the showcase’s date. This could be an indication that we’ll see more of Ark 2, which is confirmed to be exclusive to Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Ark 2 was first unveiled at The Game Awards 2020, surprising everyone when it was revealed that Fast & Furious actor Vin Diesel would star in the game. Xbox GM Aaron Greenberg announced at the time that the company was working to bring Ark 2 exclusively to Xbox Series X/S consoles as well as PC.

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As spotted by Redditor Calathus34, Ark: Survival Evolved‘s new expansion map is launching on 12 June, which happens to be the same date as the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase. It’s also a Sunday, which is an odd day for any new gaming content to launch. This only adds more fuel to the fire that we’ll be seeing the game’s sequel at the event.

Fans believe that Ark: Survival Evolved‘s upcoming expansion map might tie into Ark 2 in some way, which explains the coincidental dates. It’s also possible that we’ll get a release date for Ark 2. Due to both Starfield and Redfall being delayed, late 2022 is fairly empty for Xbox exclusives so Ark 2 might fill that gap if it launches later this year. It’s been two years since the sequel was revealed, so a release date might be due soon.

Ark 2 has yet to get any concrete gameplay beyond a gorgeous CG trailer showing everyone’s favourite family man, Vin Diesel, in action. Hopefully that will change at the upcoming Xbox showcase, which is reportedly set to be around 90 minutes long and filled with exciting reveals.

Ark 2 is currently in development for Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: Reddit

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