Baby Shark is the New Most-Viewed YouTube Video of All Time and You Will Now Sing it All Day
Baby Shark YouTube
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To no one’s surprise, Baby Shark has become the most-viewed YouTube video of all time knocking Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito” off the top chart (honestly, I don’t know which is worse right now). Sitting at 7.043 billion views, the addictive music video is extremely popular and gained massive traction this year due to the lockdown restrictions imposed worldwide.


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Every parent, grandparent, uncle and aunty have heard Baby Shark at least a dozen times in the past. Kids love it and as much as you hate it, one listen to the tune and it will be stuck in your head the whole day. Even reading this article may trigger the reaction. Don’t try and deny it.

According to The Verge, Baby Shark skyrocketed in views in the past few months. Back in April 0f 2020, the vide only had 2.5 billion views and since it has shot up 181%. When compared to other popular YouTube videos, the same cannot be said. Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” gained less than a billion views in the same time frame. “Uptown Funk” went up from 3.5B to 3.99B.

Analysts claim that Baby Shark has not even hit its prime yet and will continue to rake in the views for years to come. The video may indeed stay at the top spot for a long time before something else comes along. Please, someone, do something! Watch the most-viewed YouTube video down below if you dare.






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