The Battlefield 2042 pre-load is now live ahead of the game’s early access phase that kicks off on 12 November. Users who have an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription or EA Play across Xbox, PC and PlayStation can download the game and play it for 10 hours in a special early access trial.

However, the pre-load process is only available for those who either pre-0rdered the Ultimate Edition version of the game or have EA Play Pro on PC. The early access Battlefield 2042 trial does not have a pre-load option so you’ll need to wait until the game launches in early access before you can download it.

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If you are downloading the game, make sure you free up around 45GB of storage space on PS4 and PS5. The PS4 version of Battlefield 2042 comes in at 42GB and the PS5 version at 43GB. Keep in mind that this file size does not include the day one update which is meant to go live on 12 November.

As for the Xbox versions of Battlefield 2042, the pre-load already went live last week for the game. The file sizes across those platforms are the same as the PS4 and PS5. Keep in mind that the early access 10-hour trial can’t be pre-loaded so you can only start downloading the game on 12 November

Battlefield 2042 Launch Times

EA says that Battlefield 2042 will launch across the globe at different times. On 12 November when the game goes live for the 10-hour trial and early access for the Ultimate Edition and EA Play Pro, users can jump into the game at midnight in their region. On 19 November, which is the official release date for the game, users can also start playing at midnight in their region.

Find out more about the EA Play 10-hour trial here and catch up on the latest Battlefield 2042 trailer below.

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