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Bethesda is Responding to Negative Starfield Reviews on Steam

Bethesda is directly responding to negative Starfield reviews over on Steam. The publisher recently began replying to players who reviewed the game negatively, attempting to counter points made in those reviews. It’s quite unusual for a AAA video game company to do this and the reception to the news has not been met well with other players who feel that the company is being condescending.

As reported by IGN, several responses from Bethesda have been noted over on Starfield‘s Steam page, replying to negative reviews with letter-styled responses. One user posted a negative review calling the game “boring and overrated”, which got a direct response from Bethesda saying, “We are sorry that you do not like landing on different planets and are finding many of them empty.” The rest of the reply attempts to entice the player with gameplay and exploration features.

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If you head over to Starfield‘s review page on Steam, you’ll come across a number of negative reviews that have received responses from the company. One particular (and seemingly automated) response has players scratching their heads:

“Some of Starfield’s planets are meant to be empty by design — but that’s not boring. ‘When the astronauts went to the moon, there was nothing there. They certainly weren’t bored.’ The intention of Starfield’s exploration is to evoke a feeling of smallness in players and make you feel overwhelmed. You can continue to explore and find worlds that do have resources you need or hidden outposts to look through.”

Elsewhere, Bethesda also attempts to justify its long loading screens. “While there may be loading screens in between fast travelling, just consider the amount of data for the expansive gameplay that is procedurally generated to load flawlessly in under 3 seconds,” said Betheda in a reply. “We believe that shortcoming will not hinder our players from getting lost in the world we created.”

Naturally, many players didn’t appreciate Bethesda’s replies, with one commenter stating, “That response from Bethesda is one of the most condescending things I have ever seen come out of a AAA much less ANY customer service department.”

In other news, Xbox says it has ‘important announcements’ to make at The Game Awards in December. Thanks to a leak, it’s likely to be related to Microsoft’s plans for Activision Blizzard games.

Starfield is now available for Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: IGN

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