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Capcom Was Metacritic’s Highest-Rated Publisher of 2023

Review aggregate website Metacritic has published its list of the highest-rated publishers in 2023. Last year, Sony topped the list but this year, the God of War publisher dropped to 13th place, potentially due to its lack of high-scoring major first-party releases last year apart from Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. It seems like 2023 was the year of Capcom as it grabbed the number one spot.

Publishers were ranked by Metacritic using a points system with four factors. As reported by Video Games Chronicle, most of the points were weighed by the Metascore’s of games published by the companies, but it also took into account “good” games that scored 75 or higher as well as “great” games that scored 90 or higher. In Capcom’s case, both the Resident Evil 4 remake and Street Fighter 6 managed to score above 90 on Metacritic, securing the publisher as the highest-rated of 2023.

The complete list is as follows:

  1. Capcom – 84.5 (last year: 6th)
  2. Raw Fury – 79.1 (last year: 16th)
  3. Chorus Worldwide – 77.6 (last year: n/a)
  4. Dangen Entertainment – 77.6 (last year: n/a)
  5. Annapurna Interactive – 80.2 (last year: 8th)
  6. Nintendo – 79.5 (last year: 12th)
  7. Aksys Games – 78.5 (last year: 13th)
  8. Bethesda Softworks – 80 (last year: n/a)
  9. Sega – 78.8 (last year: 7th)
  10. Thunderful – 79.1 (last year: 25th)

Looking at the rankings, it’s surprising to see PlayStation and Xbox not crack the top 10. However, Bethesda Softworks managed to creep in at 8th place, potentially thanks to the releases of Hi-Fi Rush and Starfield, which ended up getting good review scores overall. Elsewhere, Nintendo made 6th place owed to the critical acclaim of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Capcom’s winning streak will likely continue into this year as well. Reviews for Dragon’s Dogma 2 recently dropped online, including ours which you can read here. The action-RPG is currently sitting with a high 87 score on Metacritic. The company’s remaining release slate for 2024 is uncertain at the moment, though 2025 will see the release of Monster Hunter Wilds which is sure to be another critical hit for Capcom.

Source: Metacritic

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