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Chrono Cross is a Full Remake and Not a FFVIII Type Remaster

A new report has surfaced suggesting that the rumoured Chrono Cross project will be a full remake instead of a remaster in the vein of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered. First reported by reliable leaker NateDrake on ResetEra, the project may have gone through some changes but initial findings believed it to be a low-budget project too.

NateDrake, who has a good track record of accurate insider information, stated that he firmly believes Chrono Cross is a full remake and not a remaster or re-release. However, it may not be a high-budget remake, which might be similar to the less ambitious Trials of Mana remake that released last year.

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NateDrake did follow up by stating that his information might be a little out of date, though Forever Entertainment were apparently handling the Chrono Cross remake so the scope of the project could’ve changed:

“Fairly certain Chrono Cross is a remake. Not a remaster. This isn’t a FF8 Remaster type release. Minor things. Certainly subject to change. It’s not a high budget release. But I don’t believe it’s a simple remaster ala FF8. But I’ve also seen some reporting suggest Forever Entertainment is doing Chrono Cross… so maybe scope changed & the info I had is out of date.”

Forever Entertainment were behind the Panzer Dragoon remake and will develop remakes of The House of the Dead series in the future, though Chrono Cross reportedly appears to be one of their bigger undertakings right now.

As with all reports, we recommend taking this information with a pinch of salt for now. Several new rumours from various sources have begun appearing over the last few days regarding a Chrono Cross remake, which could be announced as soon as next month. We’ll just have to wait and see if any of them turn out to be true.

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Source: ResetEra (via Wccftech)

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