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Diablo 4 is Not Meant to be Played Forever

Blizzard Entertainment says that even though Diablo 4 has live-service elements, the game isn’t meant to be played forever. In an interview where Joe Piepiora discussed the end-game content headed to Diablo 4, he chatted about the possible lifespan of the RPG.

Piepiora confirmed that there’s a limit to how much the game will scale its difficulty to your player level and gear. He says that Diablo 4 does include Nightmare Dungeons which come with different modifiers and scale beyond level 100. However, even with these, Diablo 4 is not meant to be played forever.

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He claims that these end-game dungeons will contain creatures to fight at a higher and higher difficulty. This goes beyond level 100. But the dungeons are meant as a trial to see how far you can push your character build. They aren’t meant as an endless grind for rewards.

We already know that Diablo 4 will feature a level 100 boss which is described as the “level 100 Pinnacle Boss”. This encounter is seen as the ultimate test of strength and will put your character build to the test.

Blizzard says players will have an “extremely difficult time” defeating the boss. However, the constant push to nudge your character build up slightly will keep players going.

Even with that in mind, players should not expect to keep grinding Diablo 4 for years to come. We know that the game will get seasonal content but that content will have its own rewards tier. It won’t increase the level cap or change the way the game works at the end of the campaign. It will simply add new things to do and obtain.

“There are creatures that you will continue to fight at higher and higher difficulties [beyond level 100], but this is content where you’ll be kind of pushing yourself to see how far you can take your build, rather than trying to reach some endless grind of rewards as time goes on beyond level 100.

The end-game grind on its own is to ultimately achieve level 100 and defeat this pinnacle boss. After which, come back to play the new seasonal content when it arrives. But apart from that, there won’t be a “forever grind” to Diablo 4.

Source: GamesRadar

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