First Real DualSense Controller Image Appears Online
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Someone out there managed to get their hands on the DualSense controller. We don’t know how it happened, but Twitter user Gamezawy posted an actual photo of the controller in his hand (along with his foot sticking out for some reason too). This is the first real photo of the PS5 controller we have seen since its reveal back in April.

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It is a pity that the user only posted a photo of the top of the PS5 DualSense controller. It would be interesting to see what the bottom of the device looks like. Many users are questioning whether or not it will support Sony’s recently-released Back Button attachment. There’s nothing wonderful to see here, unfortunately.

PS5 PlayStation 5 DualSense

The image looks a lot more real than the photo which was doing its rounds last week. As you can see below, whoever posted this image did a bad job at photoshop. The controller is almost double the size than what it actually is. His hand takes up half the controller. Imagine holding that in your hands? It would be a real chore.

PS5 PlayStation 5 DualSense

With that being said, they could both be fake. I do think the top photo is real though but I could be wrong. It is a photo and can very easily be manipulated. We learnt today that Sony is doubling the production of the PS5 console to 10 million units. This is to help deal with the global demand for the console. Perhaps whoever got their hands on the controller is part of a manufacturing plant somewhere?

The upcoming PlayStation 5 DualSense controller packs quite a load of awesome features including haptic feedback and force-pressure triggers. It also includes a new light bar on the top which runs through to the back of the controller. Most impressive of all is the hidden PlayStation symbols which can be found throughout the device and act as a grip for the controller.






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