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How EcoFlow Power Can Get You Through Loadshedding This Winter

While loadshedding is currently uncertain, new schedules are being prepared and unscheduled maintenance happens often. What’s more, experts warn that load shedding could be headed our way until August. This is why we need to be prepared for any eventuality. No one seems to know just how much our power supply will be disrupted but what we do know is that we’re all stuck with load shedding for years to come. That doesn’t mean that the fun must stop when the electricity does. This winter, to keep enjoying the things we used to enjoy and avoid getting stuck in the dark, all you need is a portable power station. 

Light Up Your Love Life:

Keeping your food fresh is going to come in handy when you decide to woo that sexy someone in your life with a home-cooked meal and an evening under lights.

With a noiseless battery that can fully charge in under an hour (the fastest charge time on the market), the RIVER 2 and RIVER 2 Max from EcoFlow will give you the freedom to plan a seductive night inside without worrying about whether your devices have had enough time to charge in between load shedding blocks.

Are You Not Entertained?

The best part of having so much technology at our fingertips is that we are entertained anywhere we go. All you need is internet access and enough free time to fully indulge in the digital universe’s endless distractions. Being load shed for almost half of the day could severely curtail your opportunities to spend endless hours scrolling TikTok or downloading your favourite new series. A small inverter will keep your Wi-Fi router and a single device running for an hour or two but if you want load shedding time to fly while you are having fun then you may need to invest in something more substantial. 

EcoFlow River 2

When fully charged, the EcoFlow RIVER 2 can fully charge an iPhone 19 times and its larger sibling, The RIVER 2 Max, doubles that. Both also have charge ports for numerous devices and can be recharged using anything from a normal wall socket to a USB-C charge point or even the sun.

The Fun Doesn’t Stop When The Power Does:

Few things kill the vibe faster than standing around the braai, listening to good music when suddenly you are plunged into darkness. Now, instead of listening to music through your new Bluetooth speaker, one person is playing music off their phone while others use their torches so that the braai master can see. At just 3.5kg and 6.1kg respectively, the RIVER 2 and RIVER 2 Max are lightweight enough to take with you whenever the braai stand calls. 

Fresh Food Forever

Currently, load shedding disrupts our day in many ways, including how we eat. Less reliable power means our food is going off quicker. While the cold air left in the fridge when the power goes does a decent job of keeping the food fresh, you can quickly encounter problems if your fridge is off for long stretches.

Investing in a high-capacity portable power station (PPS) like the EcoFlow DELTA 2, which has 1-3kWh expandable capacity and 1800W total rated output with pure sine wave outlets, will allow you to power your 150W fridge for 7-10 hours. That should help keep your food fresher for longer.

EcoFlow River 2 Max

Working From Home Sweet Home:

Sure, it sometimes gives you back issues but anyone who has had the privilege of working from home knows that it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Being able to get a full day of work in without having to sit in traffic or wear uncomfortable shoes is wonderful. Our electricity woes are threatening that way of life as employees struggle to stay connected during outages. If you want to keep remote work alive, then you are going to need to get yourself a power station or something that to help keep your Wi-Fi and devices alive. Getting a PPS that’s powerful, quiet and charges rapidly mean that you will never have to worry about missing an online meeting because of load shedding. The RIVER 2, RIVER 2 Max and DELTA 2’s weight (the heaviest of the trio is lighter than carrying a young child) means that your home office now has a generator that can go anywhere you can. 

Load shedding promises to upend our lives for the foreseeable future. However, if you want to continue to power the things that bring your daily life a spark of joy, then investing in a PPS is one of the best investments you can make. With several different suppliers on the market, knowing which PPSs to choose can be tricky, but as with anything, the rule of thumb is always to go with a trusted name. With more than 2.5 million users in 100 countries, it does not get more trustworthy than EcoFlow. Not only will you always have power, just a plug point away, but you will be able to take that electricity everywhere you go. It’s like becoming your own personal power utility and in a time of heavy load shedding, what could make you happier than that?

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