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How to Make Your Small Business Load shedding Resistant With EcoFlow

South Africas ongoing electricity crisis has pushed many employees, entrepreneurs, and students into a hybrid work model. While this flexibility would typically be welcomed, frequent load shedding has left those working or running businesses from home in a challenging situation. Some experts believe that load shedding will get worse by the end of the season causing further disruptions. This is why entrepreneurs need to be prepared for any eventuality. While inverters are one solution, they often come at a high price and cannot be easily moved should the business need to change premises, a likely reality as entrepreneurs face rising overheads. With a portable power station (PPS), however, you can ensure that your business keeps ticking even when the lights go off. 

Recharge Quickly, Sustainably and Quietly:

Given the financial situation that many South Africans find themselves under, it is not always feasible to invest in expensive inverters or loud generators that leave palls of smoke and must constantly be refuelled with petrol or diesel.

EcoFlow, a sustainable technology solutions company operating in 100 countries globally, offers three PPS solutions designed to keep your business running for the next decades. The EcoFlow RIVER 2 and the RIVER 2 Max are cost-efficient alternatives that run without noise, emission and maintenance. Thanks to their innovative LFP batteries, they can last up to 10 years meaning you can take them from the dorm room to your first home, without ever having to factor in what the petrol price may be.

EcoFlow River 2 

Moreover, both PPSs can fully be recharged during a study or lunch break and ready to go once it is time to get back to the books. The RIVER 2 and RIVER 2 Max can achieve a full charge in under an hour, while the flagship model, EcoFlow DELTA 2, can keep more appliances charged for longer and only needs 80 minutes to achieve a full charge.

Remote Productivity When Theres No Electricity:

Many businesses have had to adopt a hybrid business model go fully digital to keep up with the changing demands of the current climate. For employees working from home, installing an inverter may seem like a good idea at first but the cost can make them impractical and the noise pollution that comes with a diesel generator is not conducive to concentration. Whats more, they end up leaving you rooted to a single location. 

Lightweight PPSs like the EcoFlow RIVER 2 (3.5kg), RIVER 2 Max (6.1kg) and DELTA 2 (12kg), give you the freedom to be agile and move wherever you are comfortable. It also means that when companies ask those without alternative power to start coming into the office, PPS users can make the case for staying at home given their access to clean, reliable energy. Each EcoFlow machine also boasts a plethora of device charging ports and can be charged using a wall socket, car charger or attachable solar panels.

EcoFlow Loadshedding

It may be a while before we see the end of our electricity crisis, but that does not mean entrepreneurs, students and remote workers should remain helpless. With the PPSs like those in the EcoFlow range, getting work done at home during load shedding couldn’t be easier. 

Keep Your Business Running Smoothly:

Preparing for load shedding should be a top priority for entrepreneurs, particularly those business owners operating from home without access to office park generators. Among various alternate power options, the DELTA 2 are the most cost-effective and convenient choice.

DELTA 2 boasts an expandable capacity from 1 to 3kWh and a rated output of 1800W (X-boost 2400W). With the DELTA 2, you can power up to 13 devices including computers, routers, and other essential appliances for hours on end, so your business doesnt have to grind to a halt when the power dies. It also allows you to continue to take meetings, attend virtual webinars and ensure uninterrupted business operations.

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