Instagram’s Threads Has Lost Over 85% of Daily Users

isn’t doing so well. If you can recall back in July, Meta released its own Twitter clone called Threads in the middle of Elon Musk’s move to cap users from seeing a certain number of tweets per day. Thanks to its Instagram implementation, everyone flocked to Threads as it was easy to sign up to. Within a week, Threads amassed close to 50 million new users. However, the platform has now lost over 80% of its traffic.

According to Similiar Web, Threads peaked at 49.3 million daily users on 7 July. The site claims that a month later on 7 August, the app was down to 10.3 million daily active users and dropping.

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Its busiest country, the United States, saw 2.3 million daily active users on 7 July. That number is now only at 576,000 on 7 August.

But Threads’ daily traffic isn’t the only problem. While fewer and fewer users are opening the app daily, they are also spending less time on it than before. At launch, an average worldwide user spent 14 minutes on Threads and a user in the United States spent 21 minutes. That has now dropped down to 3 minutes across both demographics.

These numbers don’t mean Threads is dead. The app still has the potential to be a great platform. However, those thinking it was an overnight success, it wasn’t. In fact, its dwindling user engagement needs to be addressed by Meta soon.

We don’t know if the app is missing features users were looking for or if the experience just wasn’t what they wanted. Regardless, Threads’ excitement is simmering down to a slow boil and if nothing is done, the app will be best forgotten.

Of course, users are still looking for a cleaner, stress-free Twitter experience. While Elon Musk has since rebranded the platform to X, the algorithms seem to spew out less hate than before. It still has stopped users from dropping X too.

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