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IO Interactive’s Fantasy RPG ‘Project Dragon’ Might be Xbox Exclusive

Back in March, Hitman developer IO Interactive revealed that it was working on a new fantasy RPG codenamed ‘Project Fantasy‘. New court documents provided by Microsoft in the ongoing battle against the US Federal Trade Commission to acquire Activision Blizzard reveal that IO Interactive’s next game might be an Xbox exclusive with the new codename ‘Project Dragon.’

A collection of emails and documents provided to the FTC by Microsoft reveal that the company would be working with IO Interactive for an upcoming game listed as ‘Project Dragon‘, which is believed to be the studio’s previously announced fantasy RPG. Under “Platforms” in the documents, the game is listed for PC and Xbox Series X/S, with the genre being described as an RPG Shooter.

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IGN pointed out that the documents list Project Dragon is “for XGS Publishing” or Xbox Game Studios, suggesting that there might be some exclusivity deal in place for Xbox to hold publishing rights for the title. IO Interactive haven’t come forward to clarify this information yet or whether it will still head to PlayStation as well. Its previous Hitman games were all multi-platform releases.

According to the development team behind Project Dragon, the game is described as “A new world, a new IP–an online fantasy RPG. A world and a game built from the core to entertain players and expand for many years to come.” The wording of “online fantasy RPG” suggests that it will be more akin to an MMORPG than a traditional single-player experience in the genre.

In related news, other court documents recently provided in the case reveal that Microsoft was at one point considering buying Destiny developer Bungie as well as Sega, IO Interactive, Supergiant Games and more studios. Bungie would later be acquired by PlayStation.

Source: IGN

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