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Leap is a New 60-Player Fast-Paced Shooter With Enormous Maps

Blue Isle Studios, the developers behind games such as Valley and Citadel: Forged in Fire has announced its new project called Leap. This is a brand-new multiplayer first-person shooter where players wear different exo-suits that come packed with different skills. However, while Leap sounds as generic as the last shooter, the game aims to prove a unique experience to players with its fast-past combat and giant maps.

Leap is made unique by its fast-paced combat in combination with the unique exo-suits players can use in matches. Some of them come with skills that can switch up the battlefield. For example, some can call in orbital strikes while others can use cruise missiles and even set up automated turrets.

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While players are running around using all these skills, they will also learn to master the intense parkour in Leap. Exo-suits are equipped with jetpacks and grapple hooks to help get around faster. Players also have their own hoverboard they can ride around the map. This results in faster movement thanks to the ability to combine all of these moves with the enormous maps on offer. There’s even a mechanical moose players can ride around and they can even ride their own missiles.

Leap Game

Blue Isle Studios says that Leap will come with six maps at launch when it arrives in early access. There’s also a closed beta taking place on 19 January so you can try out the game sooner than expected. You need to sign up for the beta test on the official Leap site here.

The developers plan on leaving Leap in Steam Early Access for around 12 months before releasing it officially. There’s no word yet on a console release. However, Blue Isle Studios says players can expect full mod support on PC.

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