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Monster Hunter Now Launches on Mobile

From the makers of Pokemon Go, Niantic has released a brand new AR game themed around the popular Monster Hunter series. Monster Hunter Now has launched officially for iOS and Android after being in beta for several months.

According to Niantic, Monster Hunter Now combines four years of development and the monster-slaying series into one new and exciting game. In the mobile game, players take on the role of a hunter as they track down and slay monsters living around them.

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Monster Hunter Now actually has a story going on in the game. It follows the real world as it tackles a strange phenomenon where the Monster Hunter world has bled into it. As a result, the world around you is a combination of a simple map and different biomes that have sort of “infected” the area.

But if you’re familiar with the main games, this mobile experience is a little different. For starters, fights are all designed around a  short timer meaning you (and your Clan) only have around a minute to slay these beasts.

The combat revolves around dodging by swiping the screen and tapping it to attack in different combos. Stronger attacks let players charge up their moves to chop off different monster parts.

Players can also craft gear and upgrade it. In typical Monster Hunter fashion, this gear is themed around monsters you kill and you’ll need different parts to make different items.

As for the mobile AR angle, Monster Hunter Now doesn’t shy away from the “go outside” theme seen in other Niantic games. You’ll need to walk around to find monsters. Move closer to structures to interact with them and you can even mark monsters to fight later on if you’re travelling.

Monster Hunter Now will likely grow as the game gets older but in the meantime, there’s quite a solid AR game here to enjoy. Download it today on iOS and Android.

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