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Netflix Cancels Resident Evil Series After One Season

Netflix has cancelled the live-action Resident Evil series after only one season. The series debuted over a month ago to mostly negative reviews, leading to low user scores and underwhelming viewership numbers. A second season will not be ordered at the streaming service as Netflix has pulled the plug entirely on the project.

The live-action Resident Evil series followed Albert Wesker, played by Fringe and Horizon Zero Dawn actor Lance Reddick, as the Umbrella Corporation zeroes in on New Raccoon City. The “Wesker kids” attempt to uncover Umbrella’s motivations, encountering plenty of familiar undead and bioweapons along the way.

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According to Deadline, Netflix scrapped Resident Evil as a result of disappointing viewing performance. To say the reception to the show was “polarising” is an understatement, as fans quickly voted on incredibly low user-rated scores across websites like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB.

Capcom, the studio behind the long-running Resident Evil video game franchise, is having a string of bad luck lately when it comes to live-action adaptations. Apart from Netflix’s Resident Evil, the 2021 movie adaptation Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, also underperformed at the box office and received very low user scores overall – surprisingly, even lower than the six critically panned live-action Resident Evil films mostly helmed by Paul W.S. Anderson.

In related news, Capcom is reportedly working on the next mainline Resident Evil game to follow Resident Evil Village. Details about Resident Evil 9 were leaked recently, revealing some interesting information such as the protagonist being Ethan Winters’ daughter, Rosemary, who battles plenty of new enemies inspired by urban legends and folklore creatures like Goatman and wendigos.

If you’re planning to watch the live-action Resident Evil series on Netflix, go in now knowing that there likely won’t be a second season coming.

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Source: Deadline

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