Netflix has released a free mobile streaming plan in Kenya that is the first of its kind and plans on rolling it out in new regions soon. The mobile plan allows subscribers to watch a limited selection of Netflix content on mobile devices without paying a cent. The content includes a full selection of movies and shows that are mostly from the Netflix original content lineup.

There are no strings attached to this new Netflix free plan at all. The service doesn’t run adverts or limit the amount of time the user has to watch the content. Netflix also offers the option to upgrade the plan.

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Netflix says that this new free plan is the first of its kind. Netflix has never offered a free tier for its services. While the streaming platform does offer free trials, there are systems in place to prevent a user from signing up for the same trial over and over again. This new tier is completely free with no credit card details needed in order to start watching.

The company says they hope users see the value in the service and sign up once they run out of things to watch. Netflix hasn’t released the full lineup of free content available on this new plan so it is unclear how many hours of entertainment is available. However, they do include both kids and adult content on the service and advertise it to include Army of the Dead and Blood & Water.

Netflix does plan on releasing this free plan in other countries beyond Kenya. The company hasn’t shared specific details on this yet but hopefully, South Africans can take advantage of the free content too.

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Source: Netflix

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