New Outriders Animated Trailer Reveals Why They Left Earth For Enoch

"Earth was a hot mess m'kay"

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New Outriders Animated Trailer Reveals Why They Left Earth For Enoch

People Can Fly released a fancy new animated trailer for Outriders that gives us some backstory into why humanity left Earth and travelled to Enoch to search for a so-called “new life”. For those who spent time playing the beta, you know that things did not turn out as well as they hoped.

The trailer’s story reveals that Earth was in chaos with humanity protesting and causing all sorts of nonsense. No really. That is all they tell us so I hope there was more to it.¬† So, a group of “heroes” were sent to restart humanity on the other side of the galaxy. Unfortunately, that group never made it off Earth as their transport ship was blown up upon departure. It is unclear why this happened at this stage.


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Earth then sent a group of “bastards and outcasts” to do the job instead. They arrived on Enoch and things went down. The group of humans came into contact with a deadly energy storm that killed most of them and transformed the rest into powerful human weapons.

Now, the last survivors use their powers to not only defend themselves from the deadly threats across Enoch but also in hopes to find a way off the planet once and for all.

Outriders is set to launch on 1 April 2021 for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Check out the trailer down below. In case you have not tried out the demo yet, you can find out more about everything included in the package here.

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