Nintendo Switch 2 Next-Gen Console 8-Inch LCD Screen 512 GB Internal Storage

Nintendo Switch 2 Has 512 GB Internal Storage and 8-Inch LCD Screen – Report

Reports have been flooding in about the next-gen console from Nintendo, which is rumoured to be a successor to the Nintendo Switch (lovingly called the Nintendo Switch 2 by fans so long). Recently, a report claimed that the new hardware will contain some similar elements to the Switch including being a docked/portable hybrid, though another rumour has given us a few more details to digest. Namely, the console will feature 512 GB of internal storage and sport an 8-inch LCD screen.

The latest report comes from prominent leaker Nate the Hate, who has a decent track record of accurate industry leaks and insider information. The leaker claims that Nintendo’s next-gen console is planning to buff the internal memory to 512 GB, a major step up from Nintendo Switch’s smaller 32 GB internal storage or the Switch OLED’s 64 GB. However, the leaker also stated that this could be mere speculation too.

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Additionally, Nate the Hate claims that Nintendo’s next-gen console will feature an 8-inch LCD screen, corroborating the previous information from Video Games Chronicle’s sources which also stated that it would feature an LCD screen.

As for the rest of the information from the leaker’s report, it’s rumoured that Nintendo could launch the console between September-October 2024 and we’ll likely get a lot of chatter about the hardware leading up to release, potentially at various events throughout next year. Nate the Hate also sternly believes that the console will launch with a new major 3D Mario game, which will mark the first since 2017’s Super Mario Odyssey.

As with all rumours and reports, take all of this with a grain of salt until we have some confirmation from official sources. With so many credible sites and leakers coming forward with information, though, it’s likely that there might be some truth to everything. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until next year to see what Nintendo has planned.

Source: Nate the Hate (via Reddit)

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