Palworld Studio Says it is Severely Understaffed

Pocket Pair, the studio behind the popular Palworld game says it is in desperate need of additional staff members. The studio is is looking to expand its staff pool to accommodate the game’s overnight success in order to help develop content and updates for its early access build.

If you haven’t heard of Palworld yet, the game was the only thing everyone was talking about during January and February (besides the abysmal failure of Suicide Squad). During its first few weeks at early access, Palworld amassed millions of players reaching the second-most played game on Steam.

The game hit an all-time peak of 2.1 million players at one point beating the likes of Dota, Counter-Strike 2, Lost Ark and Cyberpunk 2077. The only game to sit above it is PUBG which still has the crown at 3.2 million active players.

The success of Palworld hasn’t come without its cost. Pocket Pair says the developer was spending close to R10 million on server costs a month to keep the game running without any downtime. It has also forced the studio to kick into high gear to develop new content and updates for Palworld.

Of course, since its success, Palworld has lost a major chunk of its player base as users move onto new games. The early access build of the game also meant that most of the content is missing. Hopefully, as new content arrives, players will jump back in.

Pocket Pair says, in a tweet, that the studio is “severely lacking in friends”. Friends means staff members. The job listing page details various roles across design and engineering which need to be filled at the studio.

The job listings also say that Pocket Pair is working on additional games outside of Palworld. Developers will also get to work on those.

Pocket Pair has already revealed some of the Palworld roadmap. However, if the studio doesn’t fill in these positions, the content will definitely get delayed. Let’s hope the studio makes quick strided to get Palworld out of early access soon.

Source: X via job listing page

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